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Thursday, July 9, 2009


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Burn from fire,electrical short circuit ,lightning,steaming water and Other boiling materials like oil and tar etc. are common .These are commonly accidental but may be suicidal or homicidal.These are usually fatal.
Fist aid is important to save or minimize the effect.Obviously the victim is to be removed from the site to a safer place rich in air flow.The mouth and nose should be cleaned first so that the victim can take breath.At the same time water should be put on the person for at least 10 minutes to minimize the blister formation and reduce feeling of pain.
Dehydration and blood loss are the killer factors.So next treatment depends on type of burn.Patient now is to be shifted to a hospital where administration of fluid will be possible to combat dehydration.Blood is not required at the first step.Burn is classified basing on the Rule of nine of Wallace for clinical assessment and treatment.The most important is electrolyte containing fluid administration.
The victim then is to be relieved of pain.Commonly an occlusive dressing is applied with antibiotic creams and a layer of soaking pads.Burn more than 10% in children and more than 30% in adult are risky .
After the burn some patients can be subjected to skin grafting and some may be differed to a later date waiting for a healthy granulation to come up.
A burn patient should be treated in isolation.

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