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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Late Pregnacy,How Much Safe

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 9:26 PM 2 comments

Boy with Down Syndrome assembling a book case.A Child of Down's Syndrome

A news in The CNN was about the late pregnancy.What tought is that pregnancy after the age of 35 is likely to produce congenital anomalies in the baby.Most common linkage was to Down's Syndrome the mean average age of mother at childbirth is 37 years.Birth of babies with this syndrome increases with mother's age.Down's Syndrome is due to chromosomal defect i.e. addition of extra piece of chromosome to the chromosome no 21 .These babies can be identified in the infancy.They are characterized by round head,less developed nasal bridge,upward and outward slanting eyes,low set ear and small ear lobule,a hanging mouth ,heavy fissured tongue,short little finger and eye lens opacity etc.These are mentally retarded and may have heart defects.later in the life predisposed to early Alzheimer's disease and blood cancer.These defects can be diagnosed while the fetus is inside the womb.And pregnancy is discontinued.

Karyotype for trisomy Down syndrome.Karyotype of trisomy Down's Syndrome

Also older mothers get childbirth problems.In a pre-collected ovum and sperm (Frozen)using the method of IVF ,one can become mother, it is stated.But again hormonal support and mothers general body status is to be looked into.
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Should you get pregnant if you're 50 or older?
  • Story Highlights
  • If a woman is in good health, she can conceive and give birth into her 50s
  • Most fertility centers stop treating after 55, but there aren't any laws to enforce this
  • Doctors say tougher regulations would hinder their ability to treat patients
  • Florida woman was able to have her miracle baby at 51
updated 5:08 p.m. EDT, Fri July 17, 2009
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2 Responses so far:

tozcal2009 said...

Certainly, it is possible that a woman can give birth to a healthy baby in her fifties. My lady doctor told me, she had a patient in her mid sixties whose hormones still required anti baby pill protection.
Every human body system is different. However, never ever would this doctor have encouraged childbirth at such an age. She would not want to be responsible for a handicapped baby. The risk to have a good pregnancy and to have a a healthy baby is too big at a woman's advanced age. Of course, there are also women who are at risk when they are much younger. This is why it is very important to always consult your specialist before taking any chances with childbirth.

tozcal2009 said...

Thanks.The discussion is that needy with all other health parameters OK should not be denied .But should be monitored carefully.It is not that all aged woman will get abnormal baby.It is only statistical data that there is increase in percentage birth of abnormal baby with advancing age.

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