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Sunday, October 18, 2009

How to Create A Broadcast In Blogcatalog

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 6:01 AM Comments

I have many mutual friends in The Blogcatalog, but unable to listen from many of them. When viewed directly their site, I often found newer postings. It may so happen that, they are not using a service in Blogcatalog called Broadcast. And, without broadcast it may not be possible to visit blogs of all the friends. Sometimes back, I wrote about broadcast and one of my friends wanted that a full story with snap shots will be much appreciated. The result is this post.
First one has to write a post in the web site and publish. Then open the Blogcatalog and log In.

2)One will see the page like below.

3)Click on Broadcast.

4)Click on Post A Broadcast to see a window to write.

5)Open a new tab from file in the left corner of the browser to be able to see your posting in your site.

6)Go to your site, say "From A Clician's Bioscope".

7)See the post you want to Broadcast. Select the first paragraph or some sentences you want to give as introduction in Blogcatalog and copy in the browser. Suppose, It is Deepabali In India.

8)Paste it in the message box in the Blogcatalog.Like below.

9)Again to to your site and right click on the post headline and copy the link location to be posted below the message. In this way.

10)Paste it below the message. It will look like this.

11)Again go to the post, select the title or headline in the browser and copy to paste it in the space for subject in The Blogcatalog. It will be like this.

12)If you want it to be bold add the HTML tag in the beginning of message and add the closing tag at the end. It will be like below.

13) Now you are done once you click on create Broadcast. It will look like this.

It is all over. All your friends will be intimated over their mail with a link. One may do it in his own way by writing everything. And, this post is not intended for experts. It is for people like me, who initially not aware of it. Thanks for the patient reading.

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