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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Stop Phishing Posts in Blogger

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 10:14 PM 2 comments

To my utter surprise, to-day, I noticed in my twitter profile that reviews on different TVs have been written and the links are coming from my health blog; “From A Clinician’s Bioscope”. I was surprised and thought that I might have allowed access to some application in mistake to access my “Twitter” account, what sometimes I do. So, I deleted the posts and tried to search for the applications but found none. I remained silent to notice the same posts again and again in short intervals. That was very much annoying. I went to my blogger account and changed the password, thinking that somebody might have stolen it. But, again same posts appeared in blogger much to my annoyance. I then wanted to know the possible cause from my son who maintains web site “Tech Fuzon” on internet tip and tricks and is well versed in it.  He provided me the clue, saying that somebody might have been posting all these via e-mail. It is easy to guess the e-mail ID to post in blogger. That has to be disabled. Some of my fellow bloggers might be facing the same situation and that is why, I wanted to post it.
So, the email post option to blogger has to be disabled or a difficult ID has to be chosen.
First of all to disable email posting;
Go to blogger and logon to it with your email ID and password of Google as usual.

Look up to see settings tab and open the link.

Now many options will be seen, click on email and mobile,

Look down and find; “Posting Options”.
Now find “email posting address”.

Disable it and save the settings.

Alternatively, if one is habituated to post from his email;
Follow all the steps as above up to “email posting address”

 Fill up the blank space in the box with some difficult word and never divulge to anybody.
Save the settings after allowing other posting options.
And, perhaps you are done. 

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