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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conservative Management of Diverticular Disease of Colon

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Please read the details. Life style modification improves many aspects of life.
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Conservative Management of Diverticular Disease of Colon

Sometimes termed as "Left sided appendicitis", diverticulosis of colon; may run relatively a benign course or exacerbate at some point of time to give rise to emergency situation. It is mostly due to segmentation and pressure build up following motility disorder of colon. It may also be congenital in nature. Mostly the left lower colon is involved, but it can affect any part and so much so, the whole colon.
Generally, a patient of diverticular disease of colon can be long term managed with;

  • Avoiding non-residual diet. Residual diets including diet with high fiber content is to be preferred.

  • Animal proteins which cause constipation and allow segmentation are best avoided.

  • Physical exercise.

  • Abstinence from alcohol.

  • Some Yogic exercises are to be practiced.

  • Good check of Diabetes is to be done if suffering from.

  • One can lead a reasonably good quality life, if the recommendations are followed.Read more at

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