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Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Generate and Submit Google Sitemap to Search Engines Free

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 1:02 PM Comments

AddMe is a very good site for many purposes. One of them is SEO tools for Google site map generation and submission.

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Hassle Free Way to Generate and Submit Google Sitemap to Search Engines Free

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I, as a parson of limited knowledge about web site optimization and search engine optimization; wondered how to generate and submit a site-map of my blog to Google. As we know the importance of Google crawler to crawl our sites to get exposed to the world, it becomes essential to generate and submit the site-map to Google. It is not only Google but also Yahoo, Ask and Bing etc. are becoming major players in this field. But, I could not understand for long, how to do it. Of course, even if it is not submitted, in the long run Google and other search engines will know, but that takes a long time. so, I got a very easy way to do this; i.e. through AddMe web site, and wanted to share my experience with people like me.

One has to go to and register there. In the SEO tool drop down menu, find Google site-map generator, click and put the required information there and click generate. The XML site map will be generated and sent to the e-mail address. That has to be downloaded to the computer. Once done, the file has to be uploaded to a on-line storage site; I use It is not difficult. After that the URL of the file has to be copied by the browser, login to AddMe and find site-map submission from the SEO tools from the drop down menu. Now the URL has to be put in the appropriate place along with other required information; and is to be pinged. That will submit the site-map to Google, yahoo. bing and ask simultaneously. Below is a screen shot of the last part. And you are done.

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