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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tackle Hunger with Water and Salad to Loose Pounds

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 6:28 AM Comments

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A new research published in Medscape suggests that intake of about two cups of water approximately of 500 ml may help in reducing weight. The full article can be viewed there.

Hunger is a problem for newer entrants to the regime of weight loss. Decreasing intake of amount of food is a problem. Sometimes, amount of food can not be decreased due to hunger. That is because filling of stomach is an important factor amongst many others for satiety to come and hunger to disappear. Also it is the rising glucose level in blood after taking food and other hormonal mechanisms Viz. glucagon like peptides (GLP), to satisfy hunger and bring satiety.

That is why stomach has to be tricked to send a signal to the brain that it is full. That can happen with;

  • Intake of two glasses of plain water just before going for food.
  • Taking a good amount of salad of cucumber, carrot, onion, some spicy herbs and other ingredients to fill the stomach to some extent.
  • There after taking food slowly and masticating thoroughly for initial 15 minutes will start pouring some glucose to brain, informing that glucose is available and signal the satiety center to lessen food intake.

Interval eating is a constant problem for those who skip breakfast, and that causes more calorie intake unknowingly. This is also a problem for newer entrants to the dieting. It is suggested that taking a glass of water at that time will decrease hunger. They are advised not to skip breakfast which helps in many ways to balance weight loss. To balance the interval eating some fruits like apple, cucumber or carrot can be taken at the time of feeling hunger.

These look very trivial but has immense importance in loosing weight and suppress hunger of newer entrants to dieting.

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