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Saturday, October 29, 2011

If You can Tolerate Take Aspirin to Prevent Cancer in Lynch Syndrome

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 4:48 PM Comments

If somebody can tolerate, aspirin may help to prevent cancer in lynch syndrome. Lynch syndrome is a rare inherited condition of genetic fault that increases the risk of colon cancer and other cancers.
Alternatively, Lynch syndrome is also known as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). It is estimated that 3 out of every 100 colon cancers are from Lynch syndrome.

Gross appearance of an opened colectomy specim...Image via Wikipedia; Colon CancerCancer cases are set to increase by 45 per cent over the next two decades, research suggests. However, survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years, according to the study published in the British Journal of Cancer.
Cancer Research UK, studied 861 patients with Lynch syndrome; half were given 600 mg of aspirin in two divided doses for two years and the remainder were given placebo or dummy pills.
Initially, the researchers found no change in cancer rates between the two groups. But, when they followed up; after five years a significant difference was detected
By 2010 a total of 19 new bowel cancers had been identified among those given aspirin and 34 among the placebo group - a cut of 44 per cent among those taking the drug.
When researchers focused on the 60 per cent of patients who they believed to have definitely adhered to the doses schedule for at least two years, found an even more striking result.
Just ten cancers were discovered in the aspirin group compared with 23 in the placebo group, a cut of 63 per cent.
Rates of other cancers linked to Lynch syndrome were almost halved by taking aspirin.
The possible serious adverse effects of aspirin can be gastrointestinal bleeding and brain haemorrhage; but it can be of help in those selected cases who are less prone to the adverse effects.
The physician is the best guide for the advice in case to case basis.

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