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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Difficulty in deglutition

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 8:58 PM 2 comments

Viral pharyngitis. The oropharynx is swollen a...Viral Pharyngitis
Difficulty in deglutition (shallowing) is a complain whose cause range from the simplest one to dangerous ones.It may be as simple as a pharyngitis and at the other end a cancer.This symptom in medical language is called Dysphagia. We will see two most important causes of dysphagia.It may occur in response to intake of solids or liquids.The causes vary for the two.Dysphagia to solid should be investigated for an obstructing lesion in the esophagus such as a cancer of esophagus.There are a host of other diseases which give rise to dysphagia to solids.Dysphagia to liquid more commonly occur in a disease called achalasia of cardia i.e.where there is congenital narrowng of lower esophagus.

A cancer of esophagus more commonly affects the middle third of esophagus.It may cause dysphagia,blood vomiting,vomiting of food unmixed with gastric content or a pain in the chest.Diagnosis is very easy through an endoscopic biopsy but treatment is a bit difficult.However now-a-days laparoscopic method is being applied successfully.
Achalasia of cardia causes dysphagia to liquids because solids pass through the lower end of esophagus by it's weight whereas liquids can not.This is a paradox situation to cancer esophagus where liquids tickle down but solids get struck .It also can be diagnosed through endoscopy and/or by a barium shallow and a myotomy relieves the symptoms. 

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Endoscopic View of Achalasia of Cardia.     Barium Shallow of same Condition

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Tricia said...

I know that smoking can cause cancer of the esophagus and acid refulx, but are there any other ways you can get esophagus cancer?

drppanda said...

May God help.Nobody should get it.Tobacco chewing is another cause.Very hot liquid can cause changes in esophagus.A Barrett's esophagus,a surface cell layer change is a predisposing cause.

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